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Let the NHL Season Begin!

It's been a wonderful Summer...swimming, golfing, relaxing on the deck. But now it's time to put on the shoulder pads and the goofy looking pants, remove the front teeth you lost in a bench-clearing brawl in college, pull up your favourite chair, and watch some HOCKEY!

The 2011 / 2012 NHL season starts tonight, and promises to be another competitive battle for Lord Stanley's cup. One of the marquee machups tonight is a battle of Original Six rivals, the Toronto Maple Leafs against this year's eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the Montreal Canadiens (get used to the attitude people, it's going to be a long season).

I know what you're thinking. "Don, can you give us some of your insightful predictions for this season in general, and the Habs in particular?" Well, since you asked so nicely...

The League

The league clamps down on the head-shots. Brendan Shanahan, the league's disciplinarian, is busier than Macy's on Christmast Eve, and gives out several multi-game suspensions, including some double-digit gamers. He's not popular, but teams adjust.

Sidney Crosby never quite regains his brillance of years past. He returns to the game, but always lacks the spark that made him great.

The newly reformed Winnipeg Jets start the season with some excitement, and quickly fade into oblivian. Bobby Hull contemplates a comeback.

Boston proves to be a one-hit wonder, never regaining the magic that brought them last year's Stanley Cup. (Hab fans try to feel sorry for them...but fail)

The Habs

Markov plays, off and on, but never has full impact on the ice. The rest of the defence pick up the slack, and his lack of productivity is hardly noticed.

P.K. Subban continues to get under the rest of the league's skin. His fresh, emotional attitude to the game lifts both fans and fellow teammates. His point total rises, and he's voted into the All Star Game.

Scotty Gomez puts the past behind him and pushes the 25 goal mark. People stop wondering what all the fuss was about as he finally claims his position among the team's elite.

Carey Price plays 2,000 straight games and when he finally takes a night off, backup Peter Budaj can't find his skates (he sold them on eBay at the start of the season, and nobody noticed).

In the Spring, Brian Gionta is presented with the Stanley Cup. The folks from Guinness immediately rush onto the ice with a measuring tape and declare a new world record in the height difference the cup was raised in successive years.

My sons are Lightning and Black Hawks fans, so just for them...

Tampa Bay's offence pops in goals like they're constantly on the power play. Unfortunately, their defence plays like they've pulled their goalie. They do okay in the standings but fade come playoff time.

Chicago tries to make up for last year when they were the reigning cup champions and barely snuck into the playoffs. They improve to 5th in the conference and get by the first round of the playoffs, then it's golf season for them again.

The best part about a new season is the possibilities. As in life, possibilites bring new hope and excitement to see how things play out. Anything is possible. Good luck to you and your team! I look forward to the battle.


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October 24, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterME

Ouch! That's soooo cruel, unfortunately it's also a bit deserved. Luckily the season is still young...and I have hope!


October 24, 2011 | Registered CommenterDon Campbell

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