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Why do we need sleep? I suppose I get that there is a requirement for us to shut down, repair our wounds, and recharge our batteries. But seriously, is it really necessary? My brain continues to work (all that blood pumping and air breathing), and my eyes continue to twitch (the whole REM sleep stuff), so why can't I just lay still and relax? Is there really any difference between watching TV and being stone-cold asleep? And 8 hours? Come on!

The best part about going to sleep is the interesting journey I can send my mind on. I can be anything I want to be, and do anything I want to do. And if I fall asleep, I get to dream in vivid Technicolor. I don't care whether it's a good dream (wow! This is really FUN!), or a bad dream (I'm soooooo sad....but when I wake up, I'm THRILLED to learn it was just a dream).

The worst part about going to sleep is (no, not sharing the blankets with my wife) the total waste of time. I have LOTS of things to do in my life. I have so much to learn, and hopefully, so much to contribute. I can't waste my time curled up in a ball sucking my thumb (ok, so I don't do that anymore). There really needs to be a faster way to rejuvenate the body.

Science! We need you on this one. Get to work please, and report back your status. I'm going to go take a nap.


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