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The first thought I had for this blog was what to call it? "Musings"? "Random"? "Miscellaneous"? How about "Blog"? I settled on "Thoughts", because that's what you'll get here. Sometimes they might be short and sweet. Sometimes they might be deep and intellectual (don't hold your breath). But they will usually come from my head, and that's where most of my thoughts come I figured I'd just call it "Thoughts". Hopefully you won't get confused by the name. If I want to say something, and it doesn't really fit in any other category, it will likely end up here. The result of much mental activity. Unless, of course, it results from the fact that I fell asleep on my keyboard again, and then it will look something like this "ajkldsfjdjdddddddda". Just so you know.



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I am a sports fan. The term fan, of course, comes from the word fanatic. defines fanatic as:

a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.
That's just about right. The fanatical nature with which we cheer for our teams can reach quite deep into our soul. I have various levels of fanatical behaviour. If we're going to know each other, you might as well know how I stand on the subject.
I believe (quite strongly actually) that you should choose your team...and stick with them! None of this jumping on the bandwagon when your local team suddenly makes an unexpected run at the title. I understand it's fun to get caught up in the excitement, but it just isn't fair. As a result, I choose my teams, and stick with them. They're listed for your to see. They haven't changed in years and years. They may never change again. Here they are:
Montreal Canadiens: They are clearly my FAVORITE team! As a young boy, during the glory days of 4 Stanley Cup championships in a row, I would personally win and lose along with the team. I remember feeling ill if I had to go to school the day after they lost a game. And they didn't lose many. I still get that awful feeling in the pit of my stomach when they lose. I am more nervous watching the end of a Habs game, with my team trying to protect a slim one goal lead, than I am watching my own kids (shhh....don't tell my family). It's just the way it is. And I LOVE it! To have something in my life that gives me pleasure, and asks nothing in return, is actually pretty cool. I don't watch every game (although thanks to local tv coverage, I can if I wish), but I sure enjoy everything about them. Go Habs Go!
Los Angeles Lakers:  From the days of Kareem, I've always been a Laker fan. Magic, Shaq, Kobe... they always seem to have an electrifying team chock full of exceptional talent. It's no wonder they've enjoyed the success they have. And they always had a magical, Hollywood quality to them. If I were younger, taller, and more athletic, I'd only want to play for one NBA team...Showtime!
Dallas Cowboys:Yes, America's Team can also be the team of a good ol' Canadian boy too. I've been a Cowboys fan since my brother showed me an epic battle between the Cowboys and the Indians (Redskins). I thought that was so cool! I liked their logo, their talent (Roger Staubach, Tony Dorsett, etc.), and as I got older, I even grew to appreciate their...uh....cheerleading staff. ;-)
Toronto Blue Jays: I was at the very first Jays game, in Exhibition Stadium in Toronto. My Dad had won the opportunity to buy some tickets and pulled me out of school to attend the game. It snowed, and was colder than any hockey game, but it was worth it. I was there! I still have the program to prove it (thanks Mom for keeping it). It was fun to watch a Canadian team make its way up the ladder and win their first (and second) World Series. Admittedly, they're a long way from winning their third, but as a fan, I can remain hopeful. That's what fans do.
I have other sport picks as well. Brazil in World Cup soccer. Tiger Woods in golf. etc. etc. My point is that it makes it more enjoyable to back one team. Struggle with one team. Occasionally, win it all with one team. That's when the REAL fanatic gets paid off. That's when it all feels worth it. Take your lumps when you lose. Puff out your chest when you win. It's all part of the game.
What teams do you cheer for?
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